Cardio Fit is the ultimate outdoor training session for building maximum fitness, burning calories, and increasing endurance. This session ensures massive cardio variety using different terrain, intervals, games, buddy cardio and cross training & HITT

Box Fit is a popular class that combines boxing and kickboxing with functional fitness. A general conditioning class with plenty of fun elements of boxing.

Functional Fit sessions include a variety of resistance-based exercises, which may include dumbbell’s, resistance bands, medicine/dead balls, and body weight to strengthen, tone and shape your entire body

Core Fit is a dynamic strengthening and stretching session enhancing muscle tone, core strength and flexibility. Inspired by Pilates and yoga, this session will tone your body, provide postural strength, injury prevention, flexibility, balance, clear the mind of stress and relieve stress.

Run Club is an opportunity to work as a group, increasing your running, fitness, and motivation This session is suitable for beginners through to advanced runners. Reach levels you never thought you could before. We will work on various skills including endurance, cadence/stride control, tempo, and running as part of group. Also, a killer calorie burner!

Run Fit This session will be in the park programmed specifically to improve your running speed and endurance. Suitable for beginners through to advanced runners. We will work on various skills including endurance, cadence/stride control and tempo, as part of group. Also a killer calorie burner!

X-Training X training classes are programmed to contain a variety of exercises aimed at improving your overall conditioning. These will be a blend of our Cardiofit and Functional Fit classes plus athletic and mobility movement s to target any imbalances in your overall strength and fitness.